What do I need as a new mum?

What do I need as a new mum?

What do I need as a new mum?
a good bedtime
a good bath
a good shower
a bottle of lotion or cream
mum’s balm to soothe sore nipples
a cloth to tidy up after a mess
a tissue to wipe up on your own
a small flat glass of Prosecco for those pesky nappy rash days
a roll of bib number ten for remembering your new-born’s nappy number
a padded cuppa tea for when the mood strikes—this one is vegan and sugar-free!
You may think you need a sturdier bedding option, but trust us, you don’t want to be lugging around a tattered duvet covering your cot with every nappy change. Get creative and try new colours!
We have dozens of different types of cuddly blankets to choose from, including loungewear, teddies, loungewear tops, tops, hoodies and wraps. Some of our readers have used this site to find the perfect cuddly bedding for their newborns, so we have included a large range of samples at the checkout to help you make your choice.
Cuddly bedding is an essential part of any new mother’s routine; however, it’s not the be-all-end-all when it comes to covering up when she’s not looking.

What do I need as a new mum?
• A newborn’s first bath – the bath is a must, as it will be the life-changing bonding experience for all three of you.
• A bath that suits you and your new-born. Cosy, modern and modern-feeling – this is the recipe for a winner!
• A swaddle blanket that you can easily wrap baby in, so she doesn’t get romped around in. I love the Cotton Swaddle, which is available at your local second-hand or online retailers.
• A small bag of Pillsbury Funfetti, available at your local supermarket, which is used to make sure that the treats keep coming – especially the chocolate covered peeps!
• A puffy wrap to keep your little one comfy while you’re busy mowing the lawn or making your own jam. This one is 100% cotton, made from 100% organic coconut oil, and hypoallergenic.
• A teether to help calm a pre-schooler’s nerves, or a playpen for older siblings and a cuddle buddy for when the mood strikes.
• A washcloth to rinse off with water, to help soothe cracked skin and prevent further irritation.

What do I need as a new mum?
New born mums need the support of a good friend, who will listen to your every need and do their bit to make sure you and your baby get the support they deserve. But it’s not just mums who need a break.

Well, like with any new mum, you need clean and fresh air, some sleep (even a few hours a night) and a bath that is easy to wash and rinse. But unlike with other new mums, you won’t be able to rely on just the basics.
Mums need regular check-ups to make sure they are on the right track, which can be done at home or at a trusted healthcare professional’s. But even if you don’t have the time or budget to visit a regular hospital, you can always rely on the doctors. You can always ask if your GP or midwife can refer you to another hospital.
Include in your medical history any medical tests or procedures you or your healthcare professional may have had or are currently undergoing. You can also include any new or used equipment that you or your healthcare professional may find useful.
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What do I need as a new mum?
– A bed that can stand the test of time
– A good bath
Because you’re going to be romping around in there all day, and you want to make sure your mo (and your mo’s!) get plenty of love and use, you need a good bath with lots of head space. You don’t want to get sucked into the bath when the water level is low, or the cracked tiles will get in the way. A good bath that allows you to move around and change the water temperature is key.
– A sink with a splash pad on the outside that you can push your head into
– A shower head that you can push your head into and use while washing up, or use it to rinse off soap and water
– A shower curtain that hides your naked body from prying eyes
– A washcliff to keep your hands from getting rinsed off
– A small sink that can fit easily into your regular tub
There are loads of different kinds of sinks out there, but the key is to choose one that suits your personal style. For instance, you might prefer a porcelain one, or a ceramic one, or a stainless steel one. Make sure that the sink you choose is specifically designed for you, and not just another brand.
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