Is Delhi safe for tourists?

Is Delhi safe for tourists? Is it worth going to? These are some of the top questions and top concerns many women have when planning a trip to India.

Travel in India is just not the same as spending a weekend at a resort. Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and even Israel have much lower crime rates than India. One should not assume that travelling in India is for everyone. One should be cautious and adjust one’s travel plans in light of one’s travel experience.
Do not assume that because you are travelling in India that you are safe or that you are less prone to crime in India than in other countries. India is a challenging travel destination, one should be cautious and exercise caution.
I have travelled all over India, on overnight trains, in countless autorickshaws and taxis, and sometimes even on the backs of motorcycles. I have never felt in danger and never felt unsafe, but I am cautious and I have come up with a couple of strategies, especially for travel at night. To start, get someone to pick you up at the airport when you land. Many good hotels and guest houses will arrange this for you.
Also, when leaving a bar or restaurant, get someone to walk you to an auto or taxi. Or call someone, and loudly tell them the number of the taxi, so the driver can hear. Plan your travel so you don’t arrive in the middle of the night; and try to have someone meet you at the train station or airport. Many hotels and tours offer this service. Always let someone know where you are going, and stay connected to friends and contacts via social media.
Getting a local SIM card and carrying a mobile phone is essential for both safety and convenience, I have found, as have many others, that India is more than a travel destination, it is a lifestyle. And the right gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable travel experience.
Prepaid rates are very cheap for text, data, and talk time. Just make sure you have a copy of your passport and Indian Visa, and a passport sized photo with you when you go to the store to get the phone or SIM card. There’s a lot of free WiFi available in India, in places like airports and cafes, but you need a local number to log in.

Is Delhi safe for tourists? What are the most important safety tips for visiting India? These are some of the top questions and top concerns for female travelers who visit India.
 Bearing in mind that India is popular with a melange of travellers, the overall infrastructure, quality of accommodation, services and amenities are considered to be very good and satisfy most international standards. However,
This FCO warning extends to all travel to Manipur and its state capital Imphal, in addition to cautioning against travel to Jammu and Kashmir, while travel within the city of Jammu is considered safe. Your safety is imperative to the
. In order to make sure you are out of harm’s way we regularly check FCO advice and liaise with our on the ground staff.  In case of any serious trouble, they will be ready to provide immediate assistance. In addition, we also offer 24-hour UK support
Be as cautious as you would be in any country. Be aware of pick-pockets, bag snatching… petty thievery.  Keep your valuables on your person at all times or leave them in your hotel safe. Documents and money should be kept in a strapped money bag. Don’t expose large sums of cash when purchasing trinkets. In general, be aware of your surroundings.
Political instability is present in certain regions and there is an existing threat from terrorism. However, the main focus of terrorist attacks has been against Indian government interests. So, take particular care in the lead up to and on days of national significance, e.g.  Republic Day (26 January), Independence Day (15 August), Diwali (19 October 2017) and Eid (26 June 2017). Experience Travel Group guide will counsel you of the
Travel in rural areas during the monsoon season can be risky, but all that is necessary is to check access to routes before setting off. Cyclones and tropical storms do occur at particular times of year off the east coast. However, you can receive updates from the Indian Meteorological Department and follow the advice of local authorities. Several parts of India lie on highly active fault zones, of which three areas are considered high risk: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Is Delhi safe for tourists?
For the past few years, Delhi has been labelled a ‘grievous loss’ to the country if not the world if it were not for the tourists. As a result, the city has become a popular stop for foreign visitors and a place where people come to vent their anger and frustration. Unfortunately, Delhi has a criminal element that, if not contained, could be a blessing or a curse for an otherwise safe city like Mumbai.
‘New Delhi is perceived to be unsafe for women, and the perception is not entirely based on fact,’ says Pond. ‘Rather, it is due to a combination of factors, including the perception that Delhi is a brothel city, where women come in groups and men do as they please. 
‘Women who visit Delhi on business must accept that they will be harassed’s, and that is unacceptable. Any city should have some level of safety for women,’s safety is a top priority.
‘’Bearing in mind that New Delhi is perceived to be one of the safest cities in the world, it is not always easy to know if a city is safe or not. You can get a sense for a city by going to the places where people say they have lived  all their lives. If you are going to visit a city, do it in a group. The more you know, the less you need to know.
‘Every city has it�s share of criminals, and New Delhi is no exception. You need to be very careful about your travel plans, especially if you are 
‘You need to be very careful about your dress and deportment. The more conservative a city is, the more conservative you should be. Don’t accept
‘Don’t accept food or drinks from strangers. There have been reports of travellers being drugged and robbed on trains often on overnight journeys. Take particular care of your passport and valuables when boarding and while on the train. Avoid individuals at railway stations offering tickets and tours.
‘Strikes or “bandh”, political rallies or protests, and large gatherings of people can disrupt traffic, cause accidents, and/or be violent. Strikes or large gatherings of people can disrupt traffic, cause accidents, and/or be violent. Stay aware of your surroundings.