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Are there any biodegradable nappies?

Are there any biodegradable nappies?  These days, although not all nappies are made out of organic materials, some are and they may be free from toxic chemicals.

Are there any biodegradable nappies? Many people believe that a nappy is non-biodegradable, and that they will break down over time. However, a study in the British Medical Journal in 2000 showed that nappy washing machines did not reduce the amount of methane produced by the nappy-wasn’t that surprising, given that the majority of nappy washing is done with propylene glycol. In fact, in a similar study, it was found that the amount of methane produced by washing nappies was the same as that produced by washing oven mits.
The problem with this argument is that it ignores the fact that the majority of nappy washing (82%) is still with women who are already using biodegradable products, and who will likely wash their nappies less frequently than women who are not already using biodegradable products.
This is where things get very complicated. For one thing, it depends on what you mean by ‘biodegradable’ and how you define it. For example, some people think that nappy rash should go away on its own, because then it’s not a problem for babies to sleep in nappies, etc. So the main point of this article is not to encourage people to throw away their used nappies, but rather to encourage people to use products that are more environmentally friendly.
A final note on compostables.

Are there any biodegradable nappies?
No. The nappy is made from plant based materials such as cotton and you will need to supplement your supply with really high performance nappies to make sure your baby doesn’t stink.
What about the wet wipes?
Wet wipes don’t biodegrade as quickly as a nappy, and in some ways are worse as they can clog the toilet and make it difficult to get out the dirty nappy.
I’m worried about getting sick from wipes. Is there a safe level of chlorine in wipes?
No. There is no safe level of chlorine in wipes. And even if there was, it would only be used at high levels for special applications like fining nappy suppliers for non-compliance with regulatory requirements.
I’ve heard that wipes can be really bulky, and I’m not sure how you manage that. What about the nappy rash? I thought wipes were made of a blend of cotton and/or a high performance absorbent.
Wipes are not made of a blend of cotton and/or a high performance absorbent. Instead they are made with a blend of organic materials such as areorthyllapin and neem oil to provide an incredibly soft, plush nappy. Although not a washable nappy, the Bella Trio Eco is a great alternative.
. But no, a washable nappy would need to be insanely stretchy to handle the volume of nappy needed, and that just isn’t practical.
You’re absolutely right about the sheer weight of the nappy.

Are there any biodegradable nappies?
Yes, there are a few that I have come across. They are very eco friendly, and are quite absorbent. However, they are not as absorbent as some people claim. I have come across some that you can buy in your area, but they are more expensive than some other nappy options. There is also the whole cloth thing again. I am not a huge fan of the whole nappy thing, and found the eco friendly ones quite overwhelming. I finally gave it up a few months ago, and am now looking at other nappy options.
Does nappy rash usually start when the baby is very young?
It can, but it is usually in early life when things are more “dry” and the nappy doesn’t quite fit. In infancy, the nappy is not really designed to get into the babies bum, so it is not really designed to soak through nappies. Sometimes it just dries out too much, and the nappy just doesn’t seem to be working out.
I was wondering if someone knew of any companies that were made in Germany that would do business with Bambo and Bambo would be delighted if anyone did! She is a great brand and I am sure that they would make excellent nappy suppliers!
Hi, thanks for doing this research for us! We are delighted to have found such a reputable nappy supplier. We used Bambo online and they were the most environmentally friendly nappy brand available.