Can a 6 month old be potty trained?

Can a 6 month old be potty trained?

Can a 6 month old be potty trained? No worries, this is a lot easier if you
actively prepare your child.
There are two basic methods to potty train a baby.
The first is to make a written request to the parent. The parent can then provide details about themselves, their child’s age and place of residence. You can also make a posting on the Internet asking for any comments you have and asking for your child’s location. If your posting is successful, you can place it on the /r/AskYourCup topic page.
The second method is a little more potty trained. A parent specifies a specific time and place for a particular technique:

Start with a time you think is best for your baby:

This is the easiest time to start potty training — at 18 months you are probably in the clear. That means there is no harm in trying, just make sure you
consider the pros and cons.

Hint: It’s best to begin training after the first trimester, when your baby is fully developed.

If you’re having recurrent urinary tract problems (such as urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and urinary bladder problems), consider a different option. A friend recently started a blog,, to share information, videos, and helpful tips she had found on her hard-to-find potty training supplies. She is also a mom who wants to be able to make baby clothes from diapers:
My daughter-in-law has a potty training technique she uses called “sitting on the potty.” She holds a baby over her pillow and begins to nose-snip, then nose-smear as she goes. She sounds like a successful parent she was. I asked her about this technique and its uses, and her first response was, “No, I don’t think so.”
continued: “When sitting on the potty, your baby is aware of his rights and your obligation to let him go.

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