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What age group uses Instagram the most?

What age group uses Instagram the most?
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It seems that the older generation is the most heavily invested in Instagram, with 73% of over 50’s and 74% of under 50’s using the platform. However, there is variance in the levels of involvement among different age groups. Young adults are the most likely to use Instagram, by a wide margin. 84% of 18-24’s and 17-19’s are satisfied with the service. However, the highest level of engagement is seen on Instagram levels between the ages of 25-34. 76% of this age group are satisfied with the level of engagement of Instagram.
It’s not just about eyeballs, of course. Instagram could well play a role as a content marketer in the future. It has clearly shown itself to be adept at curating content across various platforms, including Instagram. This could be used to the platform’s advantage when it comes to marketing. A Facebook-conducted study (embedded below) found that higher levels of engagement with posts appeared to correlate with higher incomes and educational attainment.
The US still accounts for a very significant portion of the world’s population, with 110 million people living there. But if we narrow the focus to international adults, there’s a clear divide along age group. There’s a 50/50 split for 18-24’s, which is fairly typical for this age group. But for 25-34’s, engagement drops off to 18%.