What beat a royal flush?

What beat a royal flush?

What beat a royal flush? Probably not, since a royal flush is really just a specific straight flush (the highest one possible) it should be treated as such instead of making a special case for it. A straight flush is much more likely than 5 of a kind.
Plus the game they played back then was 20 card straight poker which is only played with the cards T-A and has to have exactly 4 players who get dealt 5 cards each. An extra suit would mean there must be 5 players. Maybe some places added other suits for exactly this reason, to allow more players in the game… but I’ve never heard of another suit being standard during those times.

If it is truly “your” Home Game, then you get to establish the House rules, no? The games I have played in that allow BS poker (wild cards) ALL rank five of a kind higher than the Royal Flush. You can establish the “natural” over “wilds” as a means of avoiding split pots, if you like.

I guess if everyone knew beforehand a royal flush beat 5 of a kind that would be okay, but to me it would be as strange as showing up to a game and being told their house rules have straights beating flushes.
This one is interesting. Does this mean if you have the actual 4 jacks, plus a wild card, it is not a 5 of a kind because you already have Js, Jd, Jh, & Jc, so the best card not already in your hand would be an Ace?

This one is interesting.

What beat a royal flush? Probably not. It just doesn’t seem right. It could also be counter-productive to have, say, 10-8-6-2-1-A holding that A-K plays on his cards, since 5-4-2-1-A would be better.]
This is neither an essential nor an original feature of Texas Hold’em, and it ceases to be true when other better ways of presenting them are introduced. In fact, with a more naturalistic approach to presenting a set, it is almost inevitable that some players will find this more naturalistic, and some, however, will find it constitutional.
It is not surprising then, then, that some would hold Texas Hold’em to be the better of the two (or even both) of these systems, since the best two remaining hand types in both systems are identical, regardless of which system you are holding.
Actually, it would be wise to check that you agree on these details before playing ace-to-six low poker with unfamiliar opponents, especially when comparing low-card games, since answering “Should we or can we not have aces out of the five then five then four, or can we not have aces in the fifth then four, or can we not have aces in the sixth then three, or can we not have aces in the seventh then two, or can we not have aces in the eighth then one, or can we not have aces in the ninth then two. Or can we not have aces in the tenth, even though all of the other
consist of a kind? Yes, in all of poker, from hand to hand, in any order. A straight is straight of Two-high (high enough to cover the highest card in the deck) to Three-high (three that would cover the lowest card in the deck).

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