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What is bar etiquette?

What is bar etiquette?
This is a common question that is asked the same question that the “Why are there women bartenders?” question is asked of many women bartenders. Many women, especially young women, report that the men in their lives are far more intimidating than the women in front of them. Women bartenders are not only more accepting of stranger interaction, but they are also more likely to initiate it. If you enjoy being treated like shit, but you still want to be treated like a woman, don’t get mad at me for asking that question. I’m sure you will like it.
If you are going to be an active part of the dating process, you should expect a fair amount of backlash if you persist in your behavior. One of the most frustrating things for bartenders and women’s rights activists is the realization that they have to “get it together” with their bars when subjected to aggressive effing and jeffing that does not happen in the male-dominated world of bar. If you are truly open-minded and open-minded enough to exchange frank opinions about your personal life, you are going to get a good round of drinks.
If you are open-minded and open-minded, then you are going to get a good drink. Most of the time, however, you are going to be asked questions about your drinking style and your gender. I.e., do you want to be left alone and have a good time.
       I.e. am I a big drinker?