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What is geocaching and how does it work?

What is geocaching and how does it work? Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. Launched in early 2000, BaseCamp is a GPS device free of charge that anyone can download to their GPS receiver and use to explore the world in a positive way.
Over time, many variations of BaseCamp have developed, allowing users to tailor their experience to suit the times and location. The main differences between geocaching and other location-aware software platforms are that geocaching uses GPS hardware to keep track of the position and available caches are identified by GPS receiver software and are available to everyone regardless of GPS platform.
 Geocaching is relatively new to the scene, but already has strong following among seasoned geocachers.  Unlike traditional location-aware software platforms, where participants in geocaching groups maintain separate written accounts of the past day’s activities, participants in geocaching groups are encouraged to share information and experiences across platforms, so-called “threading the needle”.
 Geocaching is a GPS-enabled treasure hunt played in over 190 countries across the world.  In geocaching, the goal is to locate and deliver a container of treasure to a geocacher’s location.
 The first website dedicated to the geocaching hobby was started in early 2000 by a single person, named “Bill”, who used his father’s P2000 to host a small Web site and occasionally take a picture with the chosen geocache.
At one time, geocaching was a hobby of the individual geocachers, managed by those who preferred that label.
 Today, however, anyone with a GPS-enabled smartphone can participate, and who wouldn’t want to explore the world in such an awesome manner!
We’re introducing more people to geocaching. Many of our places have GPS devices available for you to try geocaching for free. On it is considered a hobby, and is therefore completely optional.

What is geocaching and how does it work?
Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation, where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places with friends. All you need is a sense of adventure and a GPS device.
How do I become a geocacher?
You can become a geocacher just like you would a normal outdoor adventure, except this time you will be heading out on a real life treasure hunt. All you need to get going is a sense of adventure and a sense of fun. Or if you prefer, you can join a virtual treasure hunt and explore the world in such a way that you will find all sorts of treasures.
What are the rules?
You must follow the on-board instructions to complete the task at hand. You are not required to find any physical objects, or to deposit any trinkets, etc., just a good old-fashioned geeky sense of adventure.
What happens if I don’t complete the task?
You must then return it exactly as it was and mark your location. If you did not complete the task, you can re-insert the item into the same location. Repeat as necessary.
How long will it take me to find the treasure?
Once you have located the treasure, you will need to leave a note in the logbook or on a nearby surface that you found the treasure. If you did not include this in your search, someone will have placed it and you must return it exactly to its previous position.
How do I know if it is a geocache or a real treasure?
You can use your GPS to determine the direction you are facing. If the arrow on your GPS indicates a straight line, you are looking at a geocache. If it takes you 90 degrees to the right, then it is a real treasure.