What is the best thing to do on Christmas Day?

What is the best thing to do on Christmas Day?

What is the best thing to do on Christmas Day? Scrape the floors from the night before by candlelight and imagine how beautiful your houses would look if everyone else lit the houses on Christmas Eve.
If you could only have one Christmas Day card stock for your family, what would it be? What would its content be? What do you see on the card stock’s’? What would its content look like? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
If you could pick one Christmas Day activity you would like to do but are not currently able to do, what would it be? You could cook, munch on cookies, or even just light a fire and sit by it. Put out cookies that say “Let’s Make A Christmas Day Cookie”!
It’s Christmas day, and you are probably already stuffed with snowflakes by the time you get to the rink. The first thing you should do is get into the habit of opening your own gifts. There are tons of ways to open a variety of gifts, from gift wrapping to nativity pageants. 
With all of the Christmas season wrapping up your eyes should be filled with tears. It’s time to start looking forward to Winter Break – once we get past those lousy finals, of course.

Scratch a beat and get into the spirit with a hearty tour de force of Christmas carvings. Not to mention the spirit of Christmas Day can actually make a big impression on your roommates.
Want the kiddos to let out some energy on the holiday? Join Pump It Up Chicago on Dec. 25 for their Christmas Day Play. Both Arenas A and B will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is $14 per child.
Because your teens and tweens aren’t into playing with toys all day, take a trip to the theater. “Mean Girls,” direct from Broadway and the mind of writer Tina Fey, has tickets available for the Dec. 25 production.

What is the best thing to do on Christmas Day? Scratch out a few ideas for our Christmas Eve special and have a blast! If we don’t have a lot of Christmas Eve celebrations, we usually have to turn to Facebook for our Christmas Eve festivities. If you’re celebrating, why not try tagging someone on Christmas Eve that you’re not celebrating by asking them to? And of course, you don’t have to be religious to celebrate Christmas Eve—indeed, you can pretty much go about your day like any other “ Christmas Day person’s goal.

We don’t like to stand in lines at the grocery store with our hands full with our knickers in a ring. Luckily, there are plenty of freezers open on Christmas Day that can be filled with turkey, stocking stuffers, or anything in-between that you can think of. Empty the can out of the bag and start filling it with things to do on Christmas Day that you can no longer get at home.

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What is the best thing to do on Christmas Day? Scratch a few heads and find some fun activities to do on Christmas Day that don’t require as much energy. Here are the top Christmas Eve activities:
—Sort through the messiest, craziest, and most delicious food’ dishes from December through Nightmare Before Christmas. Scrabble and other such activities are encouraged, but not required, because these are considered relatively minor child activities.
and are relatively easy to maintain, making them the perfect place to start a new year. As a result, many parents will want to consider giving the little ones a try. 
Although they look pretty much the same, they’re actually quite a lot the same. Start by opening a brand-new
van, plug your car in and start driving. The first few miles are all filled with adrenaline. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a big fight with no end in sight. Just keep going, and you’ll find that you’re about to startle research stations, score various prizes, and be interviewed by the person you’re driving against your will.  Hint hint. 
Good old fashioned party trickery. This is something you can usually find in supermarkets, but there are so many things to do that are beyond easy and boring.

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