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Who facilitates daily scrum meetings?


Who facilitates daily scrum meetings?
Our daily scrum meetings are short 15 minutes meetings, where team members talk about what has been done since the last scrum and what needs to be done. The aim of the meeting is not to have a daily scrum, but rather to focus on making the team work efficiently and to resolve any blockers that appear.
The Scrum Master role is responsible for ensuring that the meeting occurs exactly as planned and that no unintended consequences arise. The responsibility for this role rests with the Product Owner.
During the Scrum Master role’s daily Scrum meeting, the responsibility for accomplishing the tasks listed in the product backlog is shared with the development team. The development team must all attend, even though they do not have the necessary skills to complete the items on the product backlog.

Each day, a different team member attends, in order to fulfill the Scrum Master role’s requirement that each team member participate. The Daily Scrum meeting is a short everyday meeting, with a short break during which the members can reflect on the tasks completed since the last scrum. In doing so, the team acquires a deeper understanding of each team member’s contribution and how to better prioritize the tasks in the coming day’s Scrum meeting.

Each team member who attends the Daily Scrum meeting provides two roles: the Product Owner and the Development Team. The Product Owner role is responsible for ensuring that the meeting takes place exactly as it should.